This service provides 24/7 access to Professional Veterinary Care for your family’s pet members!

Every pet in your family should be enrolled in 911.PET.

When a pet medical emergency occurs, 911.PET forwards your description of the pet’s condition to your regular vet or one currently available that you select at 911.VET.

You can also authorize us to forward the pet’s records on file, your contact information and inform the veterinarian when you expect to arrive at their hospital.

People want quality healthcare for their animal family members. When we notice they aren’t feeling well, most clinics & hospitals are closed. That’s when 911.PET can help!

Access to pet healthcare is important to our team.

All of us who work at 911.PET are tremendously proud of the impact we make to help pets in our communities get immediate access to quality and affordable health care.

We are confident the Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who provide 911.VET services will use their training and experience to respond to your pet’s emergency care and overall wellness requirements for a long and healthy life.

We’re Coming to Your Community!

We serve U.S. pet owners from national headquarters in the nation’s Animal Health Corridor centered in the Kansas City Heartland.

Our 911.PET & 911.VET emergency services will soon be available everywhere in the United States.

Our Services

Human 911 Can’t Help Your Pet!

Many pet owners think that “human” 911 services can also help with pet medical needs. Unfortunately that’s not their role. Local 911 only dispatches medical, police & fire services for humans.

Pre-Enroll Your Family Pets!

Minutes can count in medical emergencies for humans and for pets. It’s important to have a pet’s biological information and medical information ready to access if an emergency occurs.

Emergency Care!

911.PET provides immediate 24/7 access information about where to go for emergency pet care from your regular veterinarian or other vets in your community.